Our services

QVH provides specialist reconstructive surgery and expert therapy and rehabilitation services for people across the South of England who have experienced damage or disfigurement as a result of disease (including cancer), trauma, burns, major surgery or a congenital condition. Our leading consultant teams hold clinics at our hospital site in East Grinstead, West Sussex, and at a wide network of other sites across the South East region.

In addition, QVH also provides first class community medical services for our local population at our East Grinstead site.

You can find out more about our clinical departments and the services we offer and see biographies of all our consultants through the links on the left.

Clinical effectiveness

We monitor continuously our clinical effectiveness, using internationally accepted markers where possible, to quality assure the work we carry out.

Full details of our patient safety, patient experience and clinical effectiveness measures are published in our annual Quality Accounts.

Key clinical effectiveness measures for the last year include:

Unexpected return to theatre within 7 days
A patient may have to unexpectedly return to theatre because of post-operative bleeding, infection or other complication. We monitor rates in individual surgical specialties and overall to monitor quality of service.

QVH target: <1%

2014/15: 0.7%
2013/14: 1.05%
2012/13: 1.02%
2011/12: 0.84%
2010/11: 0.83%
2009/10: 0.97%

Unexpected readmission to QVH within 28 days following discharge
This may be due to a complication such as wound infection, dehiscence, or other complication from surgery.

QVH target: <1.5%

2014/15: 1.3%
2013/14: 1.29%
2012/13: 1.48%
2011/12: 1.08%
2010/11: 1.04%
2009/10: 1.08%

Unplanned transfer out of QVH for additional care
We are supported by surrounding trusts in the provision of specialist services such as respiratory medicine and cardiology, which we are unable to provide. We monitor our rates of unplanned transfer to surrounding trusts for these services.

QVH target: <0.5%

2014/15: 1.3%
2013/14: 0.33%
2012/13: 0.27%
2011/12: 0.28%
2010/11: 0.35%
2009/10: 0.46%