Other outpatient clinics

In addition to outpatient clinics for our core specialties, we also run a range of other specialist clinics for local people.

Care of the elderly and general medicine

QVH offers general medical outpatient care and care for the older person. Rehabilitation after joint surgery or stroke, for mobilisation problems or flare-ups of existing conditions such as respiratory disease is available along with treatment for patients with Parkinson’s disease, strokes and other musculoskeletal disorders.


An outpatient cardiology clinic is held on Wednesday afternoons by a visiting consultant from Brighton and Sussex University Hospital. Same day diagnostic tests such as echocardiograms and stress tests are available as well as 24hr monitoring. Patients requiring interventional investigations or cardiac MRI are offered services at Brighton or other local providers. This service is accessible to GPs for all general cardiology referrals.

Community Ear, Nose & Throat Outpatients Service

QVH has a new consultant-led Community Outpatient Ear, Nose & Throat service for non-urgent diagnosis and treatment in a community environment. The clinics are held at sites in East Grinstead, Haywards Heath, Crawley and Worthing to ensure a more convenient service for patients, embracing the vision of community based services to provide high quality care to a wide group of patients.

Same day diagnostic tests such as hearing tests and naso-endoscopy will be available if required. Patients requiring MRI or CTs will be offered services at Brighton or other local providers. This patient centred service is accessible to GPs for all general ENT referrals. QVH will be working with audiology providers and secondary care providers to ensure there is a joined up approach to patient care.


QVH has a formal partnership with The Royal Alexandra Children’s (RACH) Hospital in Brighton. Both hospitals often share the care of younger patients.

The consultant paediatricians providing paediatric service support to QVH’s children’s ward also hold regular outpatient clinics at QVH on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays each week. These can be accessed by GPs – often at short notice – for any general paediatric advice and referrals.

We also have a paediatric surgeon from RACH who holds outpatient clinics fortnightly on Fridays at QVH. Surgery, if needed, is performed at RACH.


An outpatient rheumatology clinic is held every Tuesday which manages inflammatory arthritis, connective tissue diseases, metabolic and inflammatory muscle diseases, osteoporosis and metabolic bone diseases, crystal arthropathy and soft tissue rheumatism.

The clinic is supported by the physiotherapy and occupational therapy departments and shares patients with the ophthalmologist and hand and orthopaedic surgeons.

The service is accessible to GPs for all general rheumatology referrals.