Our vision for the future as the best surgical hospital in the country

Queen Victoria Hospital provides outstanding care and has an international reputation for specialist reconstructive surgery. We also provide important services for local people in East Grinstead and the surrounding areas. We have wonderful modern operating theatres but we also have some ageing buildings put up during and immediately after World War II, some of which were intended to be temporary but are still in use today.

Our vision for the future of one of the best surgical hospitals in the country includes:

Creating new specialised surgical wards and critical care facilities alongside our operating theatres

At the moment we move patients between our wards and operating theatres down a long public corridor. This does not give patients the privacy we would want and it can be cold in winter.

Providing outpatient clinics closer to the car park at the front of the site, so that patients can find their way to appointments more quickly and easily

Currently most outpatient appointments are in a rented modular building. We believe we could make better use of tax payers’ funds for the NHS if we were providing services from permanent buildings with lower running costs and maintenance bills.

Providing better space for our staff to relax and have meals when they are on a break

At the moment many staff eat in their offices and our staff room for people working in our operating theatres is too small for the size of the team.

Travel and making our hospital more environmentally friendly

We would like to create more parking on site: our patients come from across the south east and we are aware of the impact on our neighbours in surrounding residential streets. We are also keen to improve green transport options for staff and visitors.

The sale of some land could help fund some of our vision for the future and could provide homes for local people including nurses and other key workers. Our woodland could be given to a charity dedicated to its preservation.

Keep up to date

In October 2018 we held a well-attended drop in for local people where we were able to show people our plans using a model of the hospital site. To keep people informed we produced an update (January 2019) which you can read here. If you want to be on our email list for updates please email your contact details to qvh.info@nhs.net.

In 2019 we commissioned an ecology survey on unused land which at that time belonged to the hospital at the north west of our site, adjoining Oakfield Way. This land has now been sold, subject to planning, and we will be looking at the survey recommendations such as installing nesting boxes in areas of woodland belonging to the hospital.

The land at the north west of our site, adjoining Oakfield Way, has been sold, subject to planning, to Brookworth Homes Limited who we understand will be submitting an application for planning permission for a small number of residential properties. This land has been allocated for development in the Council’s Local Plan and East Grinstead Neighbourhood Plan. In coming months you may notice some preliminary site investigations being carried out by Brookworth Homes on the land; no building work will begin until planning permission is granted which we understand is expected to be mid 2021.

The sale of this land will in due course support some of the important, life-changing work that we do.

Our Vision information sheet (January 2019 update)

Download a copy of our information sheet outlining our vision for the future of QVH

Our values

Our values are humanitycontinuous improvement of care and pride, under-pinned by quality.

What's new at QVH?

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Our reputation

Best for patients:

We were judged by patients as one of the best hospitals in the country in the most recent national inpatient survey.

Low infection rates:

QVH has one of the lowest rates in the country for hospital acquired infections and scored 9.5 out of 10 for the cleanliness of wards in the most recent national inpatient survey.

Respecting your privacy:

QVH scored 9.8 out of 10 for being given enough privacy when being examined or treated in the most recent national inpatient survey.