Friends and family recommendations

In March 2017, 99% of inpatients said they were extremely likely/likely to recommend QVH to their friends and family.

Some of the patient feedback we received last month included:

Ross Tilley ward: QVH is a unique and world class facility with a cottage hospital feel. It is proud of its roots and you can really sense it was pioneering history, the receptionists, cafes and wards are all friendly and with a relaxing feel. I have not felt stressed throughout my entire stay. The NHS at its absolute best.

Peanut ward: Very prompt and professional by professional by nurses, doctors, anaesthetist all friendly, polite and caring. Very high standard, all was good did not feel anything needed to be improved.

Margaret Duncombe ward: All the staff, nurses, consultants, doctors, everyone has treated me extremely well. I could not have asked for better treatment, everyone has gone above and beyond expectations. Sometimes I felt like the whole hospital was there just for me. The Queen would not find any better hospital and treatment in my opinion. This is the best hospital in the country and that which all others should be measured. Cannot praise enough, the very best.

Burns: From the beginning to the end the quality of care from all staff has been exceptional.

You can read more of what patients say about us on our NHS Choices page.

About the friends and family test

All NHS hospitals publish their ‘friends and family test’ scores each month. It is a simple measure to help the NHS understand how well it is caring for patients and to enable patients to compare the performance of different hospitals and wards.

How are the scores used?

The scores are also collected and published nationally on the NHS Choices website to help patients compare hospitals.

At QVH we like to know what our patients and visitors think of their experience so that we can continue improving. There are a variety of ways we get feedback from patients. See how to feed back for more details.

Because the scores are collected and published monthly they provide up-to-date information on the performance of each ward. We also use patient feedback and data from a wide variety of other sources, including national and local surveys, to help us monitor and improve patient care. These include the national inpatient surveynational outpatient survey and national cancer patient survey.

We publish an annual patient experience report which reviews the feedback we have received and sets out progress with our rolling plan of action to improve patient experience.

Actions taken as a result of feedback we have received include:

  • Increasing the size of disabled parking bays
  • Installing new parking meters which allow an hourly charge, rather than the previous three-hour minimum
  • Introduction of media screens in outpatient departments to provide better information about waiting times in the clinics
  • Installing new self-check in kiosks in outpatients. These make checking-in quicker and more convenient for patients, enhancing confidentiality and free up receptionists to assist patients and respond to queries.