Research and innovation

Research is a vital part of life at QVH. We are at the forefront of care for patients needing reconstructive surgery and we carry out ground-breaking research to improve patient outcomes.

Pioneering techniques developed at QVH in the past are now used routinely in the care of patients all over the world. For example, burns reconstructive surgery, cell culture and hypotensive anaesthesia.

We carry out research into all the specialities provided at QVH. We consider all aspects of the journey back to health to be essential for our research portfolio and our projects extend from the laboratory to the psychology of recovery.

We have close ties with other leaders in associated fields of research including Brighton and Sussex Medical School, the University of Brighton and Imperial College. We also work closely with other academic institutions and industrial partners both nationally and internationally.

Our aim is to not only improve outcomes for our own patients but also to benefit patients throughout the world. Our staff have the skills, knowledge and determination to achieve this aim.

For enquiries about our research work, please contact Sarah Dawe, Head of Research,