Call 4 Concern© (C4C) a patient safety initiative

A graphic of a mobile phone with C4C on the screen and a green call button. A pointed right hand index finger is moving towards pressing the button to make a call

Call 4 Concern© (C4C) is a patient safety initiative we have at Queen Victoria Hospital for adult and paediatric inpatients, families and friends to call for help and advice if you or your family are concerned that there is a noticeable change or deterioration in condition.

It is run by the site practitioner team who are highly experienced senior nurses. They are available 24 hours a day to help support ward teams caring for acutely ill patients.

When can I make a C4C© call?

  • If you notice a change or deterioration in your condition, or the patient you are supporting, and feel your concerns are not being appropriately acknowledged or acted upon.
  • If you were a patient in the Critical Care Unit on this admission, and are now on a ward and are experiencing difficulties such as anxiety, bad dreams, low mood or feeling emotional.

What will the team do?

The site practitioner team will visit you on the ward to discuss your concerns and assess the situation. They will also liaise with other healthcare professionals as needed to provide you with clear information about what is happening.

Will it affect the care received?

No. Please do not feel concerned that using this system will negatively effect the care you, or the patient you are supporting, in any way. We recognise that sometimes you, the patient or a loved one can see that something is wrong. No one knows your health care needs better than you and your family.

How to make a C4C© call

  1. Discuss your concern with the ward nurse or doctor in the first instance.
  2. Have you noticed changes and are still worried? Do you feel your concerns are not being appropriately acknowledged or acted upon? Are you concerned about an immediate danger?
  3. Ask the ward staff to call the team, or you can call directly on 01342 306605. The team aim to answer your call promptly, however on some occasions they may be dealing with an emergency, delaying their response.

In this instance, please speak to the ward team again.

  1. When the team receive your call, they will need to know:
  • The patient’s name
  • The ward they are on
  • A brief description of the problem and what has already been done about it
  • Your contact details and relationship to the patient (or that you are the patient).

When NOT to make a C4C© call

C4C© is an inpatient safety initiative. Please report problems regarding any basic care issues, hospital bed, food, parking or any other general issues to the ward nurse or doctor.

If you visited us for day surgery or an outpatient appointment, and have any concerns, please contact your consultant or the team overseeing your care up until the point of discharge.

Call 4 Concern is brought to QVH with permission from the Royal Berkshire Hospital.

Read more in our patient information leaflet which you can find here [opens link to PDF].

Page updated 22 February 2024.