Minor injuries unit

Open 8am-8pm daily, our unit is run by emergency practitioners who are well-trained and experienced specialist nurses and paramedics. They are able to assess, diagnose and treat a wide range of minor injuries and ailments for both adults and children over one year old. There are no doctors in the unit. You do not need an appointment. Please note the last booking is at 7.45pm.

During busy periods, we will offer an immediate assessment (triage) service which may mean you are re-directed to the most appropriate health care facility.

If you have a suspected respiratory infection, or Covid symptoms, please contact your GP or visit the NHS 111 website. If any symptoms are serious or life threatening please contact 999.

Following your assessment, patients may be treated and discharged, or if appropriate referred onto other health care providers. We can refer patients as required to different specialties; we are NOT an A&E, GP service or dental practice – if you need one of these services please contact NHS 111.

What conditions can I get help with?

  • Acute limb injuries including fractures, wounds, sprains and strains
  • Bites and stings
  • Cuts and grazes and wounds
  • Ear and throat infections
  • Foreign bodies in the eyes, ears, nose
  • Sore throats
  • Acute lower back pain
  • Minor allergic reactions
  • Minor burns and scalds
  • Minor head injuries with no loss of consciousness (anyone aged over 65 years may be referred to A&E for further assessment and management)
  • Minor nose bleeds
  • Simple eye infections such as conjunctivitis or scratches to the eye
  • Simple urinary tract infections (UTI) (females aged 17 or over, who have not had a UTI in the last three months).
  • Minor skin infections
  • Suspected arm and lower leg broken bones (children under the age of four should be taken to A&E).

Conditions not appropriate to be treated in MIU:

  • Chest pain
  • Long term joint or back pain
  • Long term medical conditions
  • Severe injuries from road traffic accidents
  • Sexual health problems
  • Pregnancy issues (labour, breathing problems, chest pain, lack of baby movement)
  • Abdominal pain; indigestion
  • Stroke symptoms
  • Drug or alcohol related problems
  • Mental health conditions
  • Repeat prescriptions.


X-ray is available for Minor Injuries Unit patients if required Monday-Friday 8.30am-5pm, Saturday 9am-1pm and Sunday/bank holidays 10am-1pm for adults and children over four years. On call cover is also available for emergency referrals outside of these hours.

Where do I go when you are closed?

If you need help when MIU is closed, please visit Crawley Urgent Treatment Centre, located at Crawley Hospital which is open 7.30am-10pm daily. But if you think your condition is life-threatening, you should dial 999 or go to your nearest A&E.


Page updated: 23 May 2024.

Getting to our Minor Injuries Unit

Getting to our Minor Injuries Unit

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