QVH values

QVH values venn diagram. The circles say continuous improvement of care, quality, humanity and pride. The parts of the circles that overlap contain the word quality

Everything we do is centered around us wanting to provide the best possible, high quality care and outcomes for our patients.

Our values are our commitment to this:

  • Continuous improvement of care
  • Humanity
  • Pride

Underpinning these is quality.

Living our values

Through our values we will…

Continuous improvement of care



Listen to our patients and focus on what they want Put patients first and maintain privacy and dignity at all times Work together, respectfully and professionally, in the interest of the patient
Deliver services that are accessible and simple to use; encourage innovation and research to improve Be courteous and respectful to everyone Provide a workforce committed to the needs of our patients
Deliver high standards in all aspects of our work Communicate openly and honestly with everyone Always go the extra mile
Train and develop our staff to maintain a highly skilled workforce Be fair and consistent in everything Have pride in the heritage of QVH and build the QVH of the future