How to access your health records

You have the right to find out if an organisation is using or storing your personal data. This is called the right of access. Asking for a copy of the data is commonly known as making a ‘subject access request’.

Each NHS organisation holds their own patient records and we can only supply records about your care at QVH. There is no charge for obtaining medical records.

If you would like a copy of your health records, including photographic images and scans, you may submit your request verbally or in writing.

We have produced a subject access request form (word version / PDF version) to assist you in providing the information we need to deal with your request. You are not obliged to complete this form to make a request, but doing so will make it easier for us to process your request quickly.

Please send the form to or:

Subject Access Coordinator
Information Governance Department
Holtye Road
East Grinstead
West Sussex
RH19 3DZ

The subject access coordinator can also be contacted on 01342 414398.