Attending your breast reduction seminar

The breast team at Queen Victoria Hospital run online seminars to help educate and inform you about breast reduction surgery and the pathway. These are for people who have already been referred to QVH for this type of surgery.

The seminars are an opportunity to find out more about the surgery and ask questions. All attendees will be asked to mute their microphone and switch their camera off during the seminar as we appreciate it can be daunting when talking about such a sensitive subject. Questions can be asked when instructed by the team.

The seminars are by invitation only and are hosted online by the team. You will be provided with the date and log-in link by letter in advance. If you are happy to receive a text message reminder with the link please ensure that we have a contact mobile number for you.

Why is the seminar important?
It is an essential that you feel you have the information you need before starting your surgical journey. That is why it is important that everyone who is being considered for breast reduction surgery attends an online seminar. You will not be offered an appointment with a Consultant Plastic Surgeon until you have attended one – if you cannot make the date offered to you please contact the team by email at or call 01342 414302 or 414306 to find a different date.

What do I need to join the online seminar?

  • A device for making a video call, such as a smartphone, tablet, or computer with a webcam and speaker
  • A reliable internet connection (wired, Wi-Fi or mobile data). If you can watch a video online, you should be able to make a video call. The Safari, Google Chrome or Edge browsers work best. To avoid using your mobile data, try and use a Wi-Fi connection if you can
  • A private area where you will not be disturbed and you can concentrate.

On the day

Everyone attending will be held in a waiting room until the seminar is due to start. The breast seminar is a group consultation with up to 20 other attendees. You will need to allow your camera and microphone so you can join the waiting area so we can confirm it is you, but once admitted into the seminar you will be advised to turn the camera and microphone back off. This is to help protect your confidentiality as much as possible.

Is it secure/confidential?

Yes. The Breast Reconstruction Clinical Nurse Specialist team control who can enter the seminar. No information you enter such as your name is stored and the session is not recorded.

House rules

  • Once in the call please switch your camera and microphone off
  • Please respect everyone’s anonymity
  • You can ask questions by selecting the hand button. When indicated, you can unmute yourself
  • No one is permitted to record the call
  • Your video call will open in a new window
  • If you experience any issues, click the refresh button
  • If your device goes into sleep mode please press any key or wiggle the mouse to wake it up again.

You can find out more about how to access an online consultation here [click here to open PDF leaflet]

Please note breast reduction surgery to improve appearance rather than for health reasons is not funded by the NHS.

Enter the seminar waiting room here

Attending the seminar by video

Attending the seminar by video

This leaflet will help guide you through how to take part in a video seminar

Enter the seminar waiting room

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