Hand surgery

The hand surgery service provided by QVH is recognised, both regionally and nationally, for its excellent high quality service covering a range of elective conditions as well as trauma.

It includes consultants with specific interests in congenital hand anomalies; rheumatoid and osteoarthritis; wrist surgery for arthritis and instability; compression neuropathies; and post-trauma reconstruction.

It accounts for approximately one quarter of all elective plastic surgical operations at QVH. It also comprises approximately 80% of the trauma workload at the hospital.

We offer, where appropriate, non-operative and minimally invasive treatment alternatives such as wrist arthroscopy, needle aponeurotomy (fasciotomy) and endoscopic carpal tunnel release.

We are continuously available to manage soft tissue and bony trauma and to provide advice on other urgent problems including tendon ruptures, infections, extravasation injuries and pain syndromes.

Patient information video

Axillary nerve block for hand/arm surgery

Page last update: 29 December 2023