The QVH Burns Unit is a key member of the South East Burns Network which covers Kent, Surrey, Sussex and parts of South London. It provides care for adults and children depending on severity.

In addition, we provide an outpatient clinic, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and psychological support, rehabilitation for patients recovering from major burn injury and reconstruction clinics to review healed burns. QVH is also expanding its service to managing vascular anomalies in children and adults.

The QVH Outreach Burns Service provides specialist care for those patients within the region with burns that are not able to be transferred to the Burns Unit or for those with smaller burns who can be managed as out-patients nearer to their homes.

The burns team prefer healthcare professionals to contact them directly by telephone (01342 414440) for advice and to speed up the referral of any acute or chronic burn injury for review. Patients with burn scars that impair function or are symptomatic can be referred into the adult or paediatric burn reconstruction clinic by referral letter or using Choose & Book.

Clinical effectiveness

In 2021 the burns service accepted 1,351 adult (16+) new referrals. We also accepted 697 paediatric burns referrals.

Length of inpatient stay of burns patients is related to the size of their burn, measured as a percentage of their body surface area. We aim that on average, adult patients under the age of 65 should require 1 day inpatient stay per 1% burn. Patients over 65 should require a two-day stay per 1% burn; the length of stay is often complicated by the requirement of complex social care packages which take time to arrange.

We also run a burns support group for people affected by burns (treated at QVH or other hospitals. You can find out more here.

Page last updated: 10 January 2024.

Cool, call, cover

First aid advice for burns and scalds and tips on how to prevent them.

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