Staff rate East Grinstead hospital the best in the country

Friday 1st March 2013

Results from the latest national survey of NHS staff show that staff at Queen Victoria Hospital (QVH) in East Grinstead believe it is the best specialist hospital in the country at which to work or receive treatment.

Every year all NHS staff are asked to complete a questionnaire about their experience of working for the NHS and their trust. Because QVH is a regional specialist centre for burns and reconstructive surgery, as well as providing a range of services for local people, its staff survey results are compared with those for other specialist hospitals across the country.

Of the 28 ‘key findings’ in the survey, QVH scored better than the average for 19, about the same for eight and slightly worse than average for just one.

QVH scored the best results nationally for staff recommendation of the trust as a place to work or receive treatment and staff job satisfaction.

QVH also scored particularly well for the percentage of staff reporting good communication between senior management and staff and low levels of work pressure felt by staff.

The only area on which QVH scored worse than average was for the percentage of staff experiencing harassment, bullying or abuse from patients, relatives or the public in the last 12 months (24% at QVH compared with an acute specialist average of 21%).

Commenting on the findings, QVH chief executive Adrian Bull said: “It is testament to the expertise and commitment of all the staff at QVH that so many recommend the hospital as a place to work or receive treatment. We are dedicated to providing the very best patient care for local people and those from further afield who need our specialist expertise. While we can be pleased with these results, we will be studying the findings in detail and looking to see where we can continue to make improvements for our staff and patients alike.”