QVH calls for local people to join its council of governors

Monday 17th March 2014

QVH calls for local people to join its council of governors

As an NHS foundation trust, we are part of the NHS but have much more freedom from central government to manage the way we are run. To make this possible, QVH is accountable to local people through its members and the council of governors they elect.

Local people are being invited to stand for election to the council of governors. Informal events are being held over the coming weeks for anyone who is interested in finding out more.

Governors’ formal roles include appointing the trust’s chairman and non-executive directors and being responsible for its constitution and governance. They act as ambassadors for QVH and are an important point of contact with members, making sure their views are fed back to directors and managers.

Public governor Valerie King said: “The more you put into the role of governor, the more you get out of it. I have served on various committees, taken part in numerous matron’s walkabouts and been part of a few inspections. All of which has been both enjoyable and instructive. I believe we are very fortunate to have QVH as our local hospital, and knowing its history and vision for the future, I feel privileged to be part of it.”

Public governor Brian Goode said: “After four years I now have a much better understanding of the complexities and challenges as well as the opportunities faced by those running the hospital. It is a rewarding experience.”

There are 26 posts on the QVH council of governors. Of these, 20 are elected from the public membership, three elected from among the staff and the remaining three are appointed by the town council, the county council and the hospital’s league of friends. Governors are elected or appointed for a term of office of three years. This year, 12 of the public governor positions will become vacant, to be filled through the election.

Who can stand?

To be eligible to stand for election you should be over 18 years of age, live in Kent, Surrey or Sussex and be a registered member of QVH. Membership is free. To become a member, fill out the online form or call 01342 414200 for a copy by post.

You don’t need qualifications or specific experience to be a governor. But you will need commitment, some spare time and a genuine interest in working with the hospital to provide the best possible services for our patients.

You also need to be fully informed and prepared for the role should you be elected. Therefore, to be eligible, you must have attended one of the events that we are running for people interested in standing, either this year or in a previous year.

How to put yourself forward for election

Contact Hilary Saunders, Deputy Company Secretary, 01342 414200 hilary.saunders1@nhs.net

Come along to one of the events at the hospital to find out more:

  • Monday 24 March – 16:00 to 18:00
  • Thursday 10 April – 18:00 to 20:00

If you are unable to attend but are keen to stand in the election, please contact us to arrange a separate visit.

The deadline for nomination is Friday 9 May and the elections are being held from 29 May to 20 June. Successful candidates will begin their term of office on 1 July with their first formal council of governors meeting on 11 September.