QVH gets top scores in national children and young people’s survey

Tuesday 28th November 2017

QVH gets top scores in national children and young people’s survey

The latest national children and young people’s hospital survey shows that Queen Victoria Hospital (QVH) is the only acute trust in the country to achieve the highest rating from its patients.

The Care Quality Commission’s children and young people’s inpatient and day case survey published today (28 November) analysed feedback from 34,708 patients who received care in 132 NHS trusts. A total of 11,166 young patients aged 8-15 directly gave their experiences through questionnaires designed especially for them, and parents and carers for children aged 0-15 years also shared their experiences.

Two scores were given for each trust – one for the age category 15 days to 7 years old, and one for the group 8 to 15 years. QVH achieved the highest band in both categories – the only acute trust to come top for both older and younger children.

The average number of 10/10 responses in the age category 0-7 was 74 responses, with QVH scoring 88; and in the age category 8-15 the average was 75 and QVH scored 87. QVH also had an above average response rate.

In 25 of the 63 questions asked, QVH was the highest scoring hospital nationally.

The types of questions asked to parents and carers for 0-15 year olds where QVH scored highly included: did the members of staff caring for your child work well together? Did you have confidence and trust in the members of staff treating your child? When you left hospital, did you know what was going to happen next with your child’s care?

Children aged 8 to 15 were asked: were there enough things for you to do in the hospital? Did a member of staff give you advice on how to look after yourself after you went home? And older children aged 12-15 were asked: if you wanted, were you able to talk to a doctor or nurse without your parent or carer being there? Was the ward suitable for someone of your age?

Jo Thomas, Director of Nursing at QVH said: “We’re delighted to have achieved the highest banding for both age categories in this latest children and young people’s survey. QVH is an excellent hospital and I’d like to thank all of our staff, particularly those on our children’s ward, Peanut, for their commitment and dedication to the children and young people we care for.”

You can read the full report here.

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