National survey shows QVH is top for positive patient experience

Friday 15th June 2018

National survey shows QVH is top for positive patient experience

The latest national NHS inpatient survey shows that Queen Victoria Hospital (QVH) continues to achieve some of the best feedback from patients in the country.

The annual national survey of inpatients at all NHS hospital trusts in England covers all aspects of patients’ care and treatment. This year’s survey carried out by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) surveyed 72,778 patients who received care in 148 NHS acute and NHS foundation trusts during July 2017.

The findings help the NHS to continually improve, enabling hospitals to see how they are doing year-on-year and how they compare with others. The data is also used by CQC as part of its regulating, monitoring and inspecting NHS acute trusts in England.

Overall, QVH scored better than other trusts across almost all measures in the survey, compared to last year’s adult inpatient survey results.

It’s also one of only five acute specialist trusts to have consistently maintained a ‘much better than expected’ rating over the last four years.

QVH scored significantly better than other trusts for 45 of the 61 questions asked. Areas where QVH scored particularly highly were:

  • Patients feeling they waited the right amount of time on the waiting list before being admitted and also not having to wait too long to get a bed on a ward
  • Patients feeling they had privacy, respect and dignity
  • Patients feeling they were well looked after by hospital staff
  • Patients having confidence and trust in the doctors, nurses and other clinical staff treating them
  • Feeling that doctors answered their questions in a way they could understand
  • Patients feeling they had enough to drink whilst in hospital
  • Information about the purpose, side effects and how to take medication they were given to take home
  • Patients agreeing staff did all they could to control pain
  • Patients agreeing staff providing a quiet environment at night
  • Patients being involved in decisions around care and treatment, and having confidence about decisions made by staff
  • Patients feeling there were enough nurses on duty.

Jo Thomas, Director of Nursing and Quality at Queen Victoria Hospital, said: “The reputation of Queen Victoria Hospital as a centre of excellence comes from both our highly skilled clinicians and the individual attention and care shown to each patient by the whole team. We’re delighted to again achieve the top scores for nursing care. I’d like to thank all of our staff for their ongoing commitment and dedication to our patients.”

Between August 2017 and January 2018, a questionnaire was sent to 1,250 recent inpatients at each trust. You can read the full report for Queen Victoria Hospital here.

For more information please contact the QVH Press Office on 01342 414508.