Hospital tops the list for NHS inpatient survey

Thursday 20th June 2019

Hospital tops the list for NHS inpatient survey

Queen Victoria Hospital has again topped the list in the national survey of inpatients at 144 hospitals throughout the country.

More than 500 QVH patients took part in the survey, answering a wide range of questions about the care and support they received.

Patients confirmed they had confidence in the staff treating them and time to ask any questions, and that staff worked well together as a team.

Patients were given enough information and the right emotional support. The hospital was clean and quiet enough at night for people to rest.

Jo Thomas, director of nursing, said: “I am very proud of QVH’s record on this. From privacy to pain control we treat every patient as an individual and give them the care and attention that they need.

“Going into hospital is not something that most of us would want, and it is a great tribute to the care and compassion of our staff that the vast majority of our patient are able to say they had ‘a very good experience’.”

Editor’s note

The 2018 survey of adult inpatient’s experiences involved 144 NHS acute trusts in England. The survey was carried out by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), who received responses from 76,668 patients. You can read the full report for Queen Victoria Hospital here.

The survey was eligible to people who were aged 16 and over and had spent at least one night in hospital during July 2018. Questionnaires were sent out and returned between September and December 2018, with results published in June 2019.

The full national results are available on the CQC website, together with an A to Z list to view the results for each trust and the technical document which outlines the survey methodology and the scoring applied to each question.

For more information contact the QVH Press Office on 01342 414508.