Wearing a face covering when coming to QVH

Monday 15th June 2020

Wearing a face covering when coming to QVH

From today (Monday 15 June), in line with national guidance, all patients and visitors coming to our hospital should wear a face covering at all times.

Why do I need to wear a mask?

Not everyone with COVID-19 may be aware they have it. People may have very mild or no respiratory symptoms (asymptomatic) and transmit the virus to others without being aware of it.

What type of face covering do I need to wear?

Face coverings can be cloth and/or homemade, and advice on how to wear and make one can be found on the government website https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/how-to-wear-and-make-a-cloth-face-covering Face coverings worn as part of religious beliefs or cultural practice are also acceptable, as long as they are not loose and cover the mouth and nose.

Please plan in advance and bring a face covering with you if you can. If you do not have one available when you get to QVH please see a member of staff at our temperature check point who will provide you with one.

For some people, wearing a face covering may be difficult due to physical or mental health conditions. In these instances, please let our staff know and other measures will be considered on a case by case basis.

If you are a deaf or hearing impaired, our staff have a range of communication options to ensure that they can communicate effectively with you. This might include writing things down.


Do I still need to social distance?

Yes. Please continue to follow social distancing and hand hygiene measures in addition to the face coverings while at our hospital.