Wingbee has its maiden voyage at QVH

Tuesday 3rd August 2021

Wingbee has its maiden voyage at QVH

Staff were delighted to welcome the team from Project Wingman back to Queen Victoria Hospital and be part of the official unveiling of Wingbee, its new mobile wellbeing lounge.

Project Wingman was founded at the start of the pandemic, to set up and run ‘first class style’ mobile airport lounges in hospitals, crewed by current or ex-aviation workers who volunteer their time to help. Wingbee will, alongside Project Wingman’s other bus Wellbee, provide a relaxed, informal and versatile wellbeing space for NHS staff. They offer a “Tea and Empathy service”, whereby Project Wingman crew provide conversation, snacks and cups of tea/coffee to hard working staff and volunteers.

Beryl Hobson, Chair of Queen Victoria Hospital said: “We are very grateful to the Wingman crew for their kindness and I have heard so many positive comments about the cheerful, thoughtful support they are giving our staff. Having worked tirelessly for our patients over the last 18 months, QVH staff are really appreciating the luxury of a first class lounge. I know many of the Wingman team are here at a time of uncertainty in their own lives, and I have great respect for the way they have redirected their professional skills into supporting the NHS.”

Captain Richard Griffin, Director and Mobile Lounge Manager commented “I am delighted and incredibly proud to launch a second mobile lounge at Queen Victoria Hospital, This is a huge result for Project Wingman that wouldn’t have been possible without the entire Project Wingman team, who have volunteered, at no cost and in their own time, to make the first bus a success. With special thanks to the back office team who have worked extremely hard to get Wingbee on the road. Without these volunteers this expansion would not be possible. I am excited for the Mobile Lounges to continue to support our NHS heroes, and offer them tea and empathy for years to come!”

As well as its two buses, Project Wingman has successfully launched and operated lounges in over 80 NHS hospitals across the UK.

Professor Rob Bor, one of the founders of the project said “Project Wingman is a unique and practical demonstration of how front-line health care workers can be supported at a time of considerable professional and personal stress. The relevance of aircrew’s unique skill set is to provide listening and well-being support”.

Pictured, Captain Richard Griffin, Beryl Hobson, and former Captain and Project Wingman co-founder Emma Henderson

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