QVH comes top in national survey

Thursday 29th September 2022

QVH comes top in national survey

Queen Victoria Hospital (QVH) has again topped the list in the national survey of inpatients at NHS hospitals throughout the country.

In questions specifically about nurses, QVH came top in the country. Nurses answered patient questions in ways they could understand, included patients in conversations, and inspired confidence and trust.

QVH also came top in the country on care and treatment. Staff gave patients the right amount of information about their condition and treatment, listened to their worries and fears and did everything they could to control pain.

The hospital was rated highly on the whole hospital journey from the time on the waiting list before admission, through choice and quality of food, help with eating, wards quiet enough to sleep at night, being involved in decisions and given the right amount of information, being supported to leave hospital and go home safely.

Members of the nursing team on the head and neck unitSteve Jenkin, Chief Executive, said: “This achievement is something every member of staff and volunteer at the hospital has contributed to. When you work at QVH, whether in theatres, wards, clinics, labs, offices, switchboard, kitchens or gardens, there is a very direct connection between your work and the experience of our patients. I know our staff are very proud of this commitment to our care, and will continue to look for ways to do even better.”

Nicky Reeves, Chief Nurse, said: “Patients have told us that they had confidence and trust in the staff treating them, and we know that feeds into our excellent clinical outcomes. They also told us that we go the extra mile on the things that are really important when you are in hospital, like helping patients to keep in touch with family and friends.”

Anybody interested in a clinical career at QVH can come along to the careers open evening on Wednesday 12 October from 5-9pm at the hospital. You can find out more here.

You can see the full results here.

For more information please email the QVH Press Office at qvh.communications@nhs.net