My Health and Care Record is coming to Queen Victoria Hospital

Wednesday 9th August 2023

My Health and Care Record is coming to Queen Victoria Hospital

Queen Victoria Hospital (QVH) is contacting patients this month (August) about registering for the My Health and Care Record online platform so they can view information about their treatment at the hospital anywhere and at any time.

My Health and Care Record, powered by Patients Know Best (PKB), is a secure online personal health record where you can see most of your appointment letters and results. It can be accessed from any device, or the NHS App, at any time, and is free to use.

Current patients who have provided us with an email address will shortly receive an invitation to join the platform. Invitations will be sent from Patients Know Best who power the platform. If you choose to opt in, over the coming months your information relating to letters, appointments and test results will be made available to you via the platform.

What are the benefits of My Health and Care Record?

  • It is a secure space where you can see your hospital appointment/clinic letters, and test results
  • Instant notifications when new information is available
  • Your information is available to you on any device with internet access, anywhere and at any time
  • You have the option to securely share this information with your family, carers and health professionals, if you want to
  • It reduces the number of paper letters sent so is better for the environment.

If you do not opt-in or are unable to access the internet, it will not affect the care that you receive. If you do not wish to use this service, you can ignore the invitation and you will continue to receive your hospital correspondence in the usual way.

You can find out more about My Health and Care Record and how to join here [Link].