Hospital staff pledge to support colleagues and patients from the LGBT+ community

Friday 19th January 2024

Hospital staff pledge to support colleagues and patients from the LGBT+ community

As part of Queen Victoria Hospital (QVH)’s commitment to being an inclusive organisation where colleagues and patients can be open about who they are and feel able to be their true self, it has launched its Progress Pride Pledge. And within the first 48 hours over 100 staff had signed up to show their support.

By signing the Pledge, staff are agreeing that they will challenge discrimination towards LGBT+ people within the organisation and support the hospital being a place of inclusion where patients and staff are respected and celebrated. The Trust has chosen the Progress Pride flag as its emblem which incorporates the traditional rainbow flag and the additional colours (black, brown, pink, pale blue and white stripes) to represent marginalised people of colour in the LGBT+ community, the trans community and those living with HIV/AIDS. The arrow points to the right to show forward movement, while the left edge shows that progress still needs to be made.

Staff can also choose to wear a lanyard or badge to show their backing of the pledge.

James Lowell, Chief Executive Officer at Queen Victoria Hospital, said: “The QVH Progress Pride Pledge is a fantastic way for us to show how we are aspiring to be an open, non-judgemental and inclusive place to work and be cared for, regardless of how people define themselves. I’m delighted that so many colleagues have signed the Pledge so far, including our Board of Directors, and would encourage others to join us. This is an important part of our ongoing equality and diversity work.”

Jackie Smith, Chair of Queen Victoria Hospital said: “I’m proud of our organisation for making this visible commitment to our colleagues and patients to embrace inclusivity. It’s important that staff throughout QVH feel they can own and champion this, including our Board of Directors who unanimously support the Pledge.”

Members of the board of directors standing together in a group. They are all wearing lanyards with the progress pride flag on it, and matching badges. They are all smiling at the camera

Pictured: Members of the Queen Victoria Hospital Board of Directors wearing the QVH Progress Pride Pledge lanyards and badges.

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