Staff say QVH is one of the top specialist hospitals to work in

Thursday 7th March 2024

Staff say QVH is one of the top specialist hospitals to work in

Today (7 March) the official NHS Staff Survey 2023 results were published and our staff have again said that they would recommend Queen Victoria Hospital (QVH) as a place to work.

The Health Service Journal (HSJ) looked at the results and in response to the question “I would recommend my organisation as a place to work” 76% of our staff said they would “agree” or “strongly agree” with the statement.

That makes QVH the third best specialist trust in the country!

NHS Staff Survey graphic from HSJ - all specialist acute trusts
* Credit HSJ

Staff were also positive about the care we provide for patients with 93% saying they would recommend QVH to family or friends if they needed care, and 89% of staff agreeing that care is our top priority.

The survey gives valuable insights into what NHS staff think and supports local and national improvements across the NHS, ensuring it is a place where everyone belongs. All eligible colleagues across the whole NHS are asked to complete the survey.

James Lowell, Chief Executive Officer, at Queen Victoria Hospital, said: “I would like to say a personal thank you to all of our colleagues who took part in the NHS Staff Survey. We are delighted to see an increase in the number of colleagues telling us that they would recommend QVH as a place to work, and also somewhere they would suggest to friends and family if they needed care.

“It is important we use opportunities like this survey to listen to colleagues because nobody knows the hospital better than they do. We do still have some areas for improvement and we will be working through those so together we can make QVH an even better place to work.”

You can read the results here.