Leading the Way... management and leadership development programme

What is Leading the Way?

Being a ‘good manager’ makes the job much more satisfying and benefits all our staff. It takes skill to manage a team really well, so we are investing in a comprehensive programme for our ‘people who manage people’.

There is a ‘QVH passport’ which lets you pick and choose the courses that suit you, or you can participate in a planned set of courses and workshops leading to a nationally recognised qualification. Both routes cover core themes and topics that are fundamental to becoming a good manager or leader. This includes a range of events and workshops on becoming an effective leader, developing and leading teams, having conversations that count, alongside a series of HR and finance best practice workshops. Depending on your role and experience you can also attend a range of additional sessions tailored to support you.

Why does it matter to QVH?

QVH needs managers and leaders with the right skills, knowledge, behaviours and attitudes who have the ability to make a positive impact on the Trust and its employees. Chief Executive, Steve Jenkin, believes that ‘developing strong, inspiring leaders who are deeply connected to their patients, their teams and their communities, will build a culture of purpose, innovation and compassion at every level of our organisation.’  The NHS needs managers and leaders who care and have the ability to make a difference.

Why does it matter to me?

Leading the Way will give you the opportunity to develop your skills, knowledge and experience and allow you to apply them to your role and support your staff. This ongoing tailored programme will enable you to share your experiences and learn from others in a safe environment. The passport route will give you skills and knowledge to deal with real challenges and issues in your day to day role.  Successful completion of the qualification route will lead to an accreditation from Institute of Learning and Management Studies.  As part of that you will develop a project to make a real difference in your area of work.

Where can I find out more?

QVH staff can get more information on opportunities available and request an application form by emailing qvh.leadingtheway@nhs.net. You will need to discuss this programme with your line manager before completing the application form.

If you are thinking of working at QVH, Leading the Way is just one of the benefits of joining our successful team. You can talk to your recruiting manager to find out more.

Recent Leading the Way participants have said:

“An excellent introduction to leadership and management, allowing me to think more critically using different methods and models”

“Fantastic balance of role plays, relevant examples and theory. Went at a good pace and kept me engaged throughout, thanks!”

“It met all my needs and was well-paced and thought-provoking in addition – added bonus”

“Friendly trainers who put everyone at ease. Good pace of session, all information useful.”