Head and neck prosthetics

The cranio-maxillofacial prosthetic service at The QVH is the largest of its type in the UK.

The department provides assessment, device treatment and ongoing prosthetic support for patients that require an artificial ear, nose, eye, jaw (obturator) or section of face. In addition to prosthetic restoration, we also treat patients that require head/neck pressure therapy splints for the management of post-burn scarring.

Using the latest 3D technologies, the onsite maxillofacial laboratory is able to design and manufacture surgical implants such as titanium skull plates (for cranioplasty) and silicone elastomer body/chest implants (for plastic surgery).

Custom made medical devices may be used to treat head and neck patients that have had cancer, burns or other traumatic injury to the skull, eyes, face and jaws. Prostheses are also used to treat those born without an ear, eye or a section of their face/jaws.

Safe application of the latest head and neck reconstructive science techniques, an optimal prosthetic outcome and a consistent approach to the ongoing management of patients in our care are the key objectives of our staff.

The onsite prosthetic clinic at QVH is open from 8.30am to 5pm, Monday to Friday and the team are happy to answer queries from patients or healthcare colleagues, regarding prostheses, appliances and medical devices for the head and neck. There is also an out of hours, on-call service, for emergency-urgent episodes at evenings and weekends.

For further information, call 01342 414310 during normal clinic hours, or email Mark.cutler@nhs.net

Referral information:

Please refer patients directly to:
Department of Maxillofacial Prosthetics
Queen Victoria Hospital
Holtye Road
East Grinstead
RH19 3DZ.

The service is licensed with the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), and is a National School of Healthcare Science recognised training centre for the speciality of Reconstructive Sciences.


Patient information

Institute of Maxillofacial Prosthetists & Technologists has a range of patient leaflets on its website you may find helpful.