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Our Commitment to staff development

At QVH, we place an unwavering emphasis on the growth and development of our valued staff. We firmly believe that fostering leadership and management development is not only crucial for the personal advancement of our members but also essential for the overall success and resilience of our healthcare system.

Currently, we offer over 30 apprenticeship programs which include leadership and management training. These programs are crafted to empower our experienced staff members with the knowledge, skills, and insights needed to excel in leadership roles.

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Meet one of our apprentices – Sofia

Combined on-the-job training and professional support, apprenticeships not only help staff acquire new skills and knowledge but also enable experienced professionals to grow their careers. Thanks to apprenticeship opportunities supported by Queen Victoria Hospital (QVH), Sofia Ahmad, Consultant Orthodontist, has developed her leadership skills.

Ongoing professional development is important to Sofia so when the opportunity arose to undertake training in management and leadership she was keen to take it up to achieve her Level 5 Operational/Department Manager Apprenticeship with merit in 2021, and CMI Level 5 Diploma in Management and Leadership in August 2022.

Sofia said, “In a busy clinical environment, it can be difficult to get the time to carry out formal training. The apprenticeship allowed me to have regular protected time within my normal working week for my professional development.”

Through the personalised approach of one-to-one coaching, the programme enhanced Sofia’s learning experience and helped her bridge the gap between theoretical understanding and practical applications of management as well as leadership concepts.

“The tutor was very helpful and supportive. We met regularly to go through the taught and discussion parts of the programme. He was also able to tailor the training to my personal development needs.”

Sofia is grateful to QVH for supporting her professional growth, she said: “One of the best things about working at QVH are the opportunities for professional development. The support from the Learning and Development Team, Medical Education Team and my mentor was invaluable.”

Sofia highly recommends the apprenticeship route to clinical colleagues who may not be aware of the benefits and opportunities this route provides for development of managerial and leadership skills.

Since April 2017, QVH has been investing 0.5% of its pay budget in apprentices, building QVH’s reputation as a great place to develop. Apprentices can earn and learn on the job at the same time.

QVH currently has 34 apprentices on 15 different programmes including registered nurse degree, nursing associate, diagnostic radiographer, operating department practitioner, advanced clinical practice, health care support work, ophthalmology, sleep management, library services, human resources and property maintenance. Since the introduction of the apprenticeship levy, the majority of the apprentices trained have remained within the Trust after completing their qualifications.

Find out more about apprenticeships at Queen Victoria Hospital here or on the national apprenticeship website.

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Our apprenticeships

Our apprenticeships

Here at QVH, we offer a select range of apprenticeships which are open to all staff of any age or grade, and are both clinical and non-clinical, ranging from Level 2 Customer Service through to Healthcare Science technician and BSc Operating Department practitioner.