What is an apprentice?

Any age, any grade, apprenticeships are about earning and learning on the job at the same time. Under the national scheme 20% of an apprentice’s time must be off the front line of their role, which can mean 1:1 coaching in the hospital, learning new skills in the work environment or it can mean a day a week at university.

Why does it matter to QVH?

Since April 2017 we have been investing 0.5% of our pay budget in apprentices. This is a national levy and we want to use it to build QVH’s reputation as a great place to develop.

Why does it matter to me?

This is about career development in existing roles not just apprentice Health Care Assistants and admin roles. Apprentices can be working towards degree level qualifications.

Where can I find out more?

Any questions email

Meet one of our apprentices – Yasmin

Yasmin’s following her nursing dream thanks to apprenticeship

It takes commitment and dedication to become a nurse and that’s certainly true of Yasmin who, thanks to apprenticeships supported by our hospital, is well on her way to becoming a Registered Nurse.

Talking about apprenticeships Yasmin said: “I’ve worked in healthcare for around eight years, initially in the community, but always knew I wanted to work within a team and to develop my skills and knowledge. I became a healthcare assistant at QVH almost five years ago and straight away knew I wanted to become Registered Nurse. I completed the Nursing Associate Apprenticeship in two years whilst working on the critical care unit. After a year cementing my knowledge and skills, I applied for the Registered Nurse Apprenticeship and am now doing the Registered Nurse Degree course at the University of Brighton jumping in at year 2.”

Asked why the apprenticeship route worked for her, Yasmin said: “I’m a practical learner and felt this was the most appropriate course for me, plus I could earn whilst studying. Although the Registered Nurse Degree Apprenticeship is a full time university course, I’m still able to work at QVH alongside it. Also, it’s been wonderful to have the support of the Trust behind me. I adore the acute care given at QVH and will carry the skills and knowledge I’ve gained here throughout my career.”

So what advice would Yasmin give to someone thinking about taking on apprenticeship? “Be kind to yourself, try and be as proactive as you can with your learning. You get back what you put in and it’s essential to be a key player in your education.”

Management apprenticeships

Management apprenticeships

Thanks to apprenticeships, Sofia was able to achieve her Level 5 Operational/Department Manager Apprenticeship and CMI Level 5 Diploma in Management and Leadership.

Jo's apprenticeship journey

Jo's apprenticeship journey

Thanks to an apprenticeship, Jo was able to achieve her Level 5 Human Resources Consultant/Partner Certificate alongside her role in the HR team.