What is an apprentice?

Any age, any grade, apprenticeships are about earning and learning on the job at the same time. Under the national scheme 20% of an apprentice’s time must be off the front line of their role, which can mean 1:1 coaching in the hospital, learning new skills in the work environment or it can mean a day a week at university.

Why does it matter to QVH?

Since April 2017 we have been investing 0.5% of our pay budget in apprentices. This is a national levy and we want to use it to build QVH’s reputation as a great place to develop.

Why does it matter to me?

This is about career development in existing roles not just apprentice Health Care Assistants and admin roles. Apprentices can be working towards degree level qualifications.

Where can I find out more?

Any questions email

Meet one of our apprentices

Charlotte, a Health Records Clerk in our Health Records Department, joined QVH in September 2015 as an apprentice, studying as part of her role. She explains what attracted her to apply…

“I’d worked in retail before coming to QVH but wanted to work in an office environment. When I saw the health records clerk job advertised I thought it was a good opportunity to gain something as well as a new job. I hadn’t seen a job like that advertised before, with the chance to work and study, so it appealed to me.

“Within two months of starting here I began studying for my BTEC Business Administration Level 2 qualification, which took a year to complete. My assessor helped me plan the units I needed to complete so I could combine studying with working. We focused on the larger units first – it was intensive and I didn’t have much free time for the first three months but it was worth it. At the end of the course I was made a permanent member of staff.

“My role is varied, which I enjoy. It can involve helping process referrals, pulling notes for appointments, dealing with queries, preparing clinic notes, and working with staff across the hospital. The IT skills I developed through the course have been especially useful as I didn’t really study IT or things like spreadsheets at school.

“Through the apprenticeship I’ve shown myself I can manage studying and working at the same time – I’ve definitely become more confident too. I’m a driven person and have found I’ve developed skills I didn’t know I’d develop. It’s definitely led me to do more and it’s been a really good experience.

“What’s next? I’ve become interested in dietetics since working here and would love to work with the team in an administration role to get a better understanding of how dieticians work in a hospital.”