Medical photography

The photographic team at QVH are all highly trained and registered medical photographers and videographers. Our approach to photography and video is professional and confidential and we follow a strict code of ethics towards the patient and respect their privacy and dignity.

Why might you need a medical photograph?

Clinical photographs are taken to help doctors and other health professionals monitor various clinical conditions. They are also used as part of the planning process alongside other tests such as x-rays, scans and blood tests, or for educational purposes and publication if the right consent is received. Images can also be used for legal purposes to provide supporting evidence to a case. All images taken are digital and securely stored so that only medical staff can view them.

Who wants the photographs?

The photographs are taken at your consultant’s request. The consultant will explain the reason for the request to you and the images will be kept securely within your medical records.  Access to your records requires the user to have a password and username and is restricted to medical staff who have a legitimate reason to look at your notes.

Can I get copies of the photographs taken of me?

Copies of your photographs can be purchased through our medical records department. Please contact Samantha Hayman on 01342 41 4398 to request an application for access to your photographs.

What to expect when you attend the photography department:

When you come to the photographic department the photographers will explain the procedure to you and ask for your consent to be photographed. You may be asked to remove any make up and/or jewellery. Depending upon which area of the body needs to be photographed you may also be asked to remove some clothing.

We make every effort to maintain our patients’ dignity but it is important that we photograph your clinical condition as accurately as possible with the minimum of distraction.

The photographer will explain which aspects of your condition we want to photograph and show you how you need to sit or stand in order to help produce anatomically correct medical records.

If you feel uncomfortable at any time or wish to have a chaperone present please tell the photographer.

Opening hours: Monday-Friday 8.30am-5pm (closed between 1 and 1.30pm)

Should you have any other concerns or further questions please contact us on 01342 414285