Pressure garment service

Pressure garments are used in the treatment of trauma related swelling on hands and other joints or limbs when deemed necessary by our hands or musculoskeletal therapists. They are also prescribed by our burns therapists in the management of scars resulting from burn injuries, or plastic surgery.

Garments are custom-made to treat whatever area of the body requires compression – such as gloves, socks, leg tubes, arm sleeves, shorts, leggings, vests, the style is chosen to cover the extent that needs to be treated.

Our in-house service enables garments to be made more economically and efficiently in a customer friendly way, with alterations made at the time of fitting. This makes best use of the patients’ visits and limits the number of journeys the patient needs to make to the hospital.

The service has expanded, producing garments for patients with a variety of conditions that benefit from pressure therapy, both for patients at our site, and our spoke clinics, plus private clinicians orders or other Trusts on pre-arranged contracts. Our therapy technicians use the patients’ measurements to make a pattern, and produce a custom made pressure garment, to the current treatment requirements. The measurements of the area to be treated will be reduced to apply the correct tension to the skin surface. This gives the pressure required for compression therapy.

Our garments are constructed fairly simply, but produced to high standards of fit which compare more than favourably to garments made by commercial suppliers.

A set (of two or more garments) is supplied initially and then the fit and treatment is reviewed regularly at two to three month appointments with new measurements taken and styles modified when necessary, then patients are given new sets periodically.

A full price list is available for private clinicians who take out a service agreement, and some patients may buy additional garments while still undergoing treatment. Patients who want to continue wearing their garments after treatment is deemed complete, may sign a ‘personal purchase’ disclaimer and buy garments as desired. For more information please call 01342 414255.