QVH provides a 24/7 paediatric surgical and burns service for children from the age of six months to 16 years. We admit children as day cases or in-patients for a wide range of operations, both planned and urgent. Typical operations carried out under general anaesthetic are repairs to fingers, hand and face injuries, eye surgery, corrections of congenital problems and treatment of burns.

We have a nine-bed children’s ward known as Peanut Ward. The team of nurses, surgeons, paediatricians, anaesthetists and other healthcare staff work closely together and are all specifically trained in the care of children.

The service is supported by general paediatric consultants from The Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital in Brighton with which QVH has a formal partnership. The consultant paediatricians providing support to the QVH site are led by Dr Geetha Fonseca and Dr Oli Rahman who also hold regular outpatient clinics at QVH for general medical paediatric referrals. Both hospitals work closely together and often share the care of patients. For children needing surgery not offered at QVH, we host a monthly clinic for the general paediatric surgeons from Brighton.